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Dr. Magali Nehemy

Assistant Professor

Magali is an ecohydrologist at Trent School of the Environment, Trent University. Before joining Trent University in July 2022, Magali was a postdoctoral fellow at the Global Institute for Water Security, Saskatoon. In the past four years, her research has focused on answering three main questions: What is the source of water transpired by plants? What is the age of transpiration? When does hydraulic connectivity occur between the source of transpiration and streamflow? Magali was a Voices For Science (AGU) advocate (2021-2022) and a science mentor to the Students on the Beamline program at the Canadian Light Source

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Scholarships & Awards

PhD in Environment and Sustainability 

Global Institute for Water Security, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Master in Environment and Sustainability (MSc)

School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Forest Engineering, BSc

São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil

International Scholar 

Science Without BoardersDepartment of Natural Resources and Management, Lakehead University, Canada

Best Doctoral Thesis Award in Water Security Research (2022)

University of Saskatchewan 

Horton Research Grant (2019)

American Geophysical Union  (USD$ 10,000)

ISHS Young Minds Award (2019)

The International Society for Horticultural Science - XI International Workshop on Sap Flow​

Global Engagement Scholarship (2019)

University of Saskatchewan (CDN $1,000)

NSERC CREATE - For Water Security (2017-2019)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (CDN $50,000)​

Saskatchewan Innovation & Opportunity Scholarship (2016)

Government of Saskatchewan (CDN $16,000)

School of Environment and Sustainability Excellence Scholarship (2016)

School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan (CDN $ 6,000)

Science Without Borders (2013-2014)

National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) - Brazil – (CDN $ 25,000) 

(Competitive Undergraduate Scholarship)

Tutorial Program of Education (PET) Scholarship (2010-2013)

​Ministry of Science and Technology - Government of Brazil- (R$ 15,000) (Competitive Undergraduate Scholarship)


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